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From nature, beautiful glass forms on this Earth from molten rocks. Through the hands of man, these precious materials are formed into unique and beautifully decorated glassware. Glass is a very precious and stylish material discovered by our Syrian ancestors during the Phoenix era. Glass was used by the Syrians and classified as a precious metal, as the noblest property in their possession. This glass industry was passed on from one generation to the next, up through the days of the Arabic-Islamic civilization, which was that of very highly skilled production of glass, the coloring of it and the creative decorating of it in all styles along with engravings.
Presently, Royal Art, a joint-stock company in the glass industry that unites the miracles of nature with the creative minds of the past and the present to produce elegant glassware, hopes to have the most outstanding production of its time. By using the most up-to-date technology paired with the purest materials, this company will not settle for anything less than the smoothest, brightest, shiniest, and most harmonized products. These products will be cared for greatly so that they are the most preferred products among buyers and their families. This glass radiates a feeling of luxury, security, and trust when used, and that is a very important aspect of a comfortable living space. This company cares deeply for the needs of its customers and works hard to make the best products to satisfy its consumers.    
  We have enjoyed our first 10 years of glassmaking and copperware  and looking forward to the next 10.

     Royal Art where the Glass is Art